Taiwan LED Displays / NEWCAL Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. of Taiwan is always available to provide answers to your questions. We have listed some questions that   our customers have asked.  If you have a question and the answer is not listed here please feel free to contact us for a fast reply.

Q: How long has NewCal Electronics been in business?

A:  Since 1982

Q: Is the company ISO certified?

A:  Yes we are an ISO 9001 certified company.

Q: How big is your factory?

A: Its over 1353.  with room to grow.

Q: How many people does  NewCal Electronics employ

A:  25 employees   at this time.

Q: Does NewCal Electronics ship outside Taiwan?

A: Yes, we have customers worldwide

Q: Who is Taiwan LED Displays?

A: Taiwan LED Displays is the name of our website.